Pro-Est HVAC is the complete HVAC estimating program

Pro-Est HVAC is Professional Estimating Systems complete HVAC estimating program which includes pipe, sheet metal and an excel recap sheet. It’s comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and flexible. It works on 32 and 64 bit processors and on windows XP, Vista and WIN 7 operating systems.

The user can choose between four methods of estimating sheet metal, two of which include shop labor and two that do not. Similarly, labor can also be estimated either in lbs/hr or linear ft/hr.

The various versions and options for sheet metal estimating all include liner, duct wrap, sealer, SMACNA pressure classes, reinforcement (including Duct Mate and TDF), accessories, snaplock and spiral. Users have the flexibility to add new reinforcement, liner, insulation and accessories in addition to those that are preinstalled.

Main Features:

- Easy, simple, and accurate time saving estimation tool.
- Flexibility to include or exclude shop labor
- Field labor estimated in lbs/hr or linear ft/hr
- Three options for welded duct
- Ductboard, liner, insulation and sealer included
- Reinforcement including ductmate and TDF
- Accessories, preloaded and customizable
- Unlimited zones and 1000 jobs
- Demolition, shop drawings, consumables & pressure testing
- Pipe estimating
- Coil hook ups including drawings and material list
- Complete labor and material cost
- Adjustable productivity and material factor
- Excel spread sheet for recap
- Calculates Tax, Bond and OH&P
- Customizable
- Historical job data
- Calculates Shop & Field labor
- Print pipe, sheet metal and recap summaries
- Special factors feature for changes on designated project
- XP, Vista and Win 7 support
- Spread sheet for common HVAC formulas
- Printable take off forms are included.

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